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While some women might like it rough, it was then that I truly understood how the porn industry is teaching its primary target market (read: men) all the wrong things, creating a huge disconnect with what many men expect--and provide--in the bedroom.

Kitten Natividad is best known as a Russ Meyer muse. She starred in two of his most memorable films: Up! and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens. A...

Kelly Hughes Exploitation filmmaker with Tennessee Williams ambitions on a beer bottle budget

On this week's episode of Go-Go Boy Interrupted, Danny Carter asks the question that many gay men in LA have to face.

Jimmy Fowlie

Comedian, Groundlings Sunday Company alum, and creator of "Go-Go Boy Interrupted". Seen on CBS "2 Broke Girl$", HBO's "The Comeback" and writer for MTV2.

Porn is an easy outlet to express your sexual desires in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. You won't get hurt, you won't get caught having sex with a...

Max DuBowy

Best-selling author & self-acceptance expert at

Have you ever wondered, "Am I his porn?" If you have, you're not alone. I've been asked this question more than once by the women I work with whose lives have been rocked by betrayal. And it's a concern for many women--for good reason.

Kudos to you for getting yourself in the mood however you can and helping out your sex life as a couple. If your husband would be "grossed out" then he needs to grow up.

Reading magazines this week, I learned that:

Sally Field dislikes gefilte fish.

(Vanity Fair, 3/16)

Pornhub, an explicit-video-sharing site, gets 2....

Roz Warren


What I mostly find in my practice with heterosexual couples is that it is not the porn itself that is the problem, rather the reaction to it by both the partner who views porn, and/or the spouse.

Joe Kort, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, Certified Sex and Relationship Therapist at Joe Kort & Associates, PC

A French start-up is marketing a Bluetooth-enabled vibrator that's paired with an erotic Ebook. During the smutty parts, you just tap the screen or ...

Roz Warren


As the secular culture marches on in its acceptance of pornography, one group of Americans is not finding it as easy to adapt, research indicates. The widespread access to graphic sexual images may be particularly damaging to religious individuals.

The one body that we have yet to come across in mainstream gay male porn is the disabled male body -- in fact, it is non-existent. This sends a really loud and clear message to queer crippled men that their sexuality is not valued or valid in the LGBTQ+ community.

Over the weekend, The New York Times published a must read Op-Ed titled When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?

It chronicles what we at O'actually have been sa...

Kit Murray Maloney

Founder & CEO of O'actually, a multi-media platform focused on enhancing women's sexual pleasure. Check it out at:

I know, I get it: Water issues can seem overwhelming. That is, unless we spin them positive. Which is what I have begun doing in my speeches to corporations, colleges and communities.

It's a sentence this vanilla middle-aged lady really didn't imagine ever saying, but there you are: I host a sex podcast about sex over 50 and Bea Cummins is a lady over 60 -- and I do mean lady -- who hosts a sex website and appears in porn films.

Most parents know they have to talk to their kids about sex, and drugs and alcohol, and many more know, that they need to include healthy relationships in these conversations. Speaking openly and preemptively about healthy intimacy versus what's seen in pornography is a natural extension of those talks.

Jane Randel

Co-President of Karp Randel LLC and Co-Founder of NO MORE

Let's say, hypothetically, that your 3-year-old finds your vibrator -- and they think it's a toy. And let's say they are pretty smart, so they figure ...

Joni Edelman

Feminist, body positive, wife, mom of five, Editor In Chief at, (sometimes) RN.

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Over the years the broadcast of adult content over television has increased. This is not only on dish network but even the local cable channels air adult programs. Today this has become a major concern for parents. They need to keep a constant check on their kids from watching those adult contents. This is indeed not possible always. But dish network has brought a solution to this problem with its innovative device. The device is called the parental control lock.

The parental control lock is a necessity for those parents using dish TV. Unlike your local cable operator, the satellite TV offers more than five hundred channels. These include many adult channels also. Thus, there is less scope for your kids to watch contents that are not suitable for them.

On the other hand, it is not quite possible for the parents to keep an eye on their kids throughout the day. They have loads of other work to do. The parental control lock is a great relief for them. Once they switch it on, they are tension free. This is also good for the kids as they can watch television independently. Their parents need not have to be around them.

With the help of the parental control device, you can lock the TV channels that you consider inappropriate for your kids. Thus, you can indirectly keep a check on the shows that your child is watching. When your son is at school, sit down with your dish TV remote and use the control lock mode for streamlining the channels. And they wont even get to know.

Dish Network guarantees you that your kids will never be able to watch adult content in your absence. The greatest advantage of the user is that he or she can lock a number of channels at the same time. If you think that you need to pay for availing these services then you are absolutely wrong. The control lock does not involve any cost other than what you have paid for your dish receiver. Dish Network offers it at absolutely no cost. The dish receiver is equipped with the control device. As you press the command keys of your remote control, the device starts functioning automatically. So it is very easy as you can see.

The control device offers a wide range of options for you to choose from. TV channels can be locked as per your wish. You can choose the channels according to their TV rating. But many a times it happens that a channel showing uncensored adult content has a high TRP. So do not just blindly rely on the channel ratings; make it an attempt to view its content before you lock it.

You can lock the TV shows or channels that you dont prefer being watched by your kids. In doing this you might have to sacrifice some of your favorite shows. Dish Network even has a solution to this problem. The control device facilitates the locking of only the particular shows instead of the entire channel. So there is no need for you to miss your kind of entertainment.

About the Author:

If you want to know more about Dish Network and Dish Network Deals browse through which offers ample information about dish TV packages.

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We cannot watch our children every milf amateur minute of the day. They must explore on their own, however the Internet can be a dangerous place with inappropriate content and predators lurking as well as spyware and viruses waiting to be innocently downloaded.

ParetoLogic's PGsurfer puts the power in your hands to create a safe environment for your children to explore online. You set the parameters and the user-friendly, sophisticated PGsurfer does the rest! ParetoLogic offers this product to you free of charge as our contribution to making the Internet a safer place for kids.

Key Features:

ParetoLogic's PGsurfer empowers parents to help their children use the Internet safely. Parents create "profiles" of the computer's users and can set and edit parameters for each person's computer use.

Restrict websites with inappropriate content such as pornography, illegal activities, hate, drug and alcohol use, weapons and gambling

Block the use of chat rooms and applications for instant messaging, email (both online and desktop-based), peer-to-peer file sharing

Stop the downloading of music, video, game and other files that could contain viruses or spyware or violate copyright laws

Restrict computer access to a set number of hours a week for certain users

Minimum System Requirements:

The following are the minimum system requirements. For improved responsiveness, we recommend higher system specifications than those presented here:

Intel Pentium II processor (or equivalent)

256 MB RAM

20 MB free hard disk space for initial installation

Internet connection

Windows 2000, XP and Vista

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He is busy liking my funny (but pretty) Instagrams and/or smart yet playful Facebook statuses in which I do a funny joke but also promote my live comedy shows!!!!!!!!! (This is my plight.)

To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow. -- Maya Angelou


More sex does not equal more happiness. Yeah, we're shocked too.

Produced by Christine Nguyen, written by Cait Munro.

More from Science of Us...

Science of Us

"Science of Us" is a smart but playful window into the latest science on human behavior.

There have been many articles written about OMGYes since its launch. About the science and the data behind it. But nobody has yet to hear from the women behind the sexual phenomena. So I did.

Chris Peak

Chris is a writer and editor. He's written for The Huffington Post, Gawker, Kernel Magazine, Elite Daily, Deadspin, GOOD Magazine, Point Magazine

Knowing your typical sexual power role can be helpful in determining whether you are sexually compatible with your partner. In cases where couples can't seem to put their finger on the problem, when I discuss power dynamics, there is often mismatched power roles at play. Which power role do you feel most comfortable in?

Angela Skurtu

Author, Speaker, Couples and Sex Therapist at Current book is "Pre-Marital Counseling: A Guide for Clinicians," (Routledge).

The first days and weeks after a Wounded Warrior's return are a whirlwind of fear, confusion, stress, and life-altering decisions for all family membe...

Barbara McNally

Founder of the Barbara McNally Foundation and author of Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife

People in relationships fool themselves. They feed their brains and hearts the reality they hope is present. When they discover their significant other is cheating, they justify the rotten behavior because to believe otherwise is too deeply painful.

Hilary Lauren

Member/owner of the freelance reinvention revolution at Addicted to coffee, fireplaces and the smell of old books.

My phone started buzzing. I looked down at the screen. One of my best friends was calling, but I was busy, so I didn't answer. It buzzed again. Still in the middle of something. Couldn't answer. Good thing we have a code. She texted me to call her ASAP. I dropped everything of course.

I have suffered through 3 miscarriages and almost lost my little girl. So heartbreaking and indescribable unless you have suffered a miscarriage too, ...

Listen, sister, I totally get why your bedroom's temporarily closed for business. Like, maybe you haven't slept for a month and your area down ther...

Author Photo by: Steph Grant,

Happy National Masturbation Month!

Yup. ...

Jenny Block

Columnist and author cute milf of 'Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage' and 'O Wow! Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm'

We're not going to candy-coat it: The talk will be awkward as hell. Though not as awkward as a surprise case of herpes. Just don't make us pull out the cliche that if you're comfortable enough to get naked and grind with a new partner then you should be comfortable enough to talk with them.

Em & Lo

The Emily Posts of the modern bedroom

Many people don't learn the truth about sex and/or their bodies until they start actually having sex, and even then they might not learn everything. It's a shame that it's 2016 and we're still lying to each other about sex. It's time to demystify sex and all of its sub-topics.

Branding is one of the most POWERFUL tools in business. It always has been. In many cases, branding holds more power than that of a patent or trade secret. Strong brands are tough to beat.

It is important in opening to your sexual truth to understand that sexuality is on a continuum between heterosexual and homosexual, and anywhere you are on that continuum is what is right for you.

During the premiere of her new visual album Lemonade this past weekend, Beyoncé shared very personal moments between her and her husband, Jay Z. The ...

Dr. Jane Greer

SHRINK WRAP by Dr. Jane Greer - Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, Radio Host

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