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(CBS/What's Trending) - If Twitter is any indicator of celebrity, then the nearly two million tweeters who follow @thatkevinsmith is nothing to scoff at. We had none other than the pride of New Jersey, director Kevin Smith, joining us in studio for this week's #Influencer segment.

The director spoke about the intensity and diversity of his fan base with Lazar during this week's What's Trending episode. Smith also discusses natural busty cams how he no longer needs tabloids or news sources such as entertainment newspaper Variety to get word out on a new project or to speak out on issues, he simply needs to tweet.

Smith, like many celebrities, has used Twitter as a marketing device for themselves and as a way to receive feedback from his fanbase. His tweets gained national noteriety after the director was deemed "too fat to fly" after being kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being to large. His subsequent tyrade against the airline made news,and Smith became noterized for his outrageous and often hilarious tweets.

The director's first film, 1994's" Clerks," grossed over 116 times its $27,000 production brudget. Since the impressive profit garnered from his initial film, Smith has followed with a series of critically acclaimed and financially successful films spanning the next two decades.

The director has built a loyal fan base due to the continued success of his brand of teen-slacker comedy. Other notable films from writer/director include 90s classics "Mallrats" and "Dogma," as well as more recent comedies such as "Clerks II" and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." Smith also made his character "Silent Bob" come alive on screen in a majority of his films (most notably "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"), often acting in as well as directing and writing his projects.

Along with his fans, Smith also talks about his upcoming final film project and what the future holds for him. Citing twenty years experience in making film and not shutting the door completely on television, Smith notes the internet as a powerful medium for gaining viewership. Smith affirms that the Internet is the next big format for the production of series, suggesting a possible web series as a viable option for his next step after wrapping "Hit Somebody."

2011 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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A little while ago, I wrote a post detailing how to secure an iPhone so that kids couldn't stumble onto explicit content. I had a few readers email me and ask for advice on what to do after you've found your child looking at adult content online. I want to talk about it because I think it's important and relevant for all parents. Kids in the Internet age will be curious about porn, and they have unprecedented access to it. Despite our best efforts, kids may find ways around the stop guards we put in place. I'm putting on my therapist hat for this post since I've not experienced this as a parent, but I can tell you that in my practice, many shocked and dismayed parents called me after discovering an Internet history full of porn sites accessed by pre-teen kids.

It's alarming to discover your child has been looking at porn. Pornography is an unfortunate and unrealistic education for most kids, but it can also quickly become a preoccupation. It's important to remember that curiosity about sex is normal. Unfortunately, what isn't normal is the extreme and often violating nature of sex depicted in pornography. Pornography websites are rarely focused on sex between a loving couple ... very quickly, most sites are flashing advertisements for extreme fetishes, rape fantasies, degrading imagery or "barely legal" girls (which is code for molestation fantasies). It's a far cry from the days of a child stumbling upon a Playboy. Internet pornography is a disturbing introduction into human sexuality, and it's reasonable to feel alarmed and disappointed. However, it is also critical that you respond with concern, empathy and reason instead of anger and judgment. Your reaction could shape your child's view of sex, and the most important step is to approach the situation in a way that will leave the door open to an ongoing conversation. Here are some tips for talking with your child:

1. Try to remain emotionally neutral. This is a hard one, because parents usually have strong feelings upon learning that their child is looking at sexually explicit stuff. It's really important not to become unglued in front of your child. For one thing, it will increase their shame, which is not helpful to the situation. If you seem too emotional or angry, they are also less likely to listen and less likely to share. Remember: It's not an emergency. Take the time to diffuse your own feelings and calm down before you talk to your child.

2. Normalize the situation. It's likely that your child feels some shame about the behavior, and it's important to reduce the shame. Reducing shame doesn't mean you endorse the behavior, but it DOES mean that you reduce your child's fears that they are dirty or perverted for being sexually curious, or for being aroused by looking at sexual imagery. The pairing of sex and shame is an insidious and toxic combo. Your child needs to know that his or her sexual feelings are not innately bad, but rather something that you would prefer to be expressed in another way.

3. Talk in positive terms. It's easy to fall into NO! BAD! language when we talk about porn, but it's important to explain the reasons to your child beyond you wanting to ruin their good time. Encourage your child to view sex as something good and healthy, and affirm that you actually want them to have good, fun sex when they are adults. Help them take a long-term view of sex with the goal being healthy sexual relationships, educating them on the research that indicates that extensive viewing of pornography produces a decreased respect for long-term, monogamous relationships and can even cause sexual dysfunctions. Teens are old enough to understand delayed gratification. Making rules about porn about goals instead of punitive rules can help your child see that you aren't just being a prude, but that in fact you have their best interest in mind.

4. Educate your child on the fallacies of porn. If they've been looking at porn, they've probably seen it all, so it's no time to be delicate. You need to have a frank conversation about the mechanics of sex and the realities (and fallacies) of pornography. Time for an education on the male vs. female sexual response and the fact that pornography is a production and therefore not representative of the way a typical sexual encounter occurs. If you haven't yet, it's probably time to talk about masturbation as well.

5. Explain why porn is problematic. For some families, this might include religious convictions. But if you are an adult who doesn't condemn porn outright, it's still important to help your child understand that explicit material is harmful for the developing brain. The video below does a great job of explaining it, and I think it's appropriate to watch with any child who is old enough to be interested in porn.

WATCH: The Science of Porn

You may also want to talk to your child about the exploitive nature of porn. Many feminists are opposed because the exploitation of women involved in pornography is rampant. Porn lesbian babes also eroticizes the domination, humiliation and coercion of women, and reinforces attitudes that condone rape and sexual harassment. Many believe that pornography contributes to the male-centered objectification of women and thus to sexism.

6. Ask them what they've seen and if they have any questions. Again, it's no time to be delicate. Show your child that you aren't afraid of the subject and that you are there and willing to talk, help and answer questions. Honestly, when I counseled parents and kids through this, this question often elicited a lot of emotions from kids, because they really did want to talk to their parents about it. Let your child know you can handle what they saw by asking questions like, "Did you see anything that scared you?" or "Is there anything you saw that was confusing to you?" to help facilitate the conversation. This part may not be comfortable. Pretend like it is, and be prepared to answer any questions they have.

7. Explain your boundaries going forward, and enforce them. After you've had the chance to normalize, reduce shame, answer questions and explain your rationale, it's time to go over the rules again. If you haven't previously installed controls on the devices in your home, now is the time. I cannot tell you how many parents have told me, "We didn't do controls because we talked about it and we trusted them." My opinion is that this approach is doing a disservice to children. It's like slipping a candy bar under their pillow and then talking about how you trust them not to eat it. The best way to approach porn in your home is to MAKE SURE IT'S NOT AVAILABLE TO CHILDREN IN YOUR HOME. I cannot stress this enough. Last year, I wrote a post detailing how to install controls on a Windows computer. Some other Mac-friendly options are OpenDNS and K9 Web protection.

Have you dealt with this as a parent? Any wisdom or experience to share? If you aren't there yet, have you thought about how you would handle this situation if it came up?

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Don Omar music is an upcoming favorite alternative in Latin music which is known as Reggaeton. Don Omar has a flowering career that begun as a preacher man even before he graduated from his high school in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

As he grown he gravitated to the music industry. Don Omar music may not be for the younger ear as his subject matter is adult content.

His true name is William Omar Llandron and he is an actor, vocalist and composer.

He got as a project to talk in his songs about the suicide cases in Latin America..

Don Omar music video for Adios covers this situation exhibiting the upsetting truth that every forty seconds another Latin American will take his own life.

He spreads the consciousness of the high suicide rates when talking in television or radio stations.

Don Omar music has been in the top hits for long time now and in 2007 won the award for Best Video for Angelito.

Don Omar music can be discovered in Barcelona, Mexico, Chile, London, and Rome and in South Korea visiting the US Troops.

The performance and the show Don Omar puts up in his concerts are big tits free shemale webcams rightfully amazing.

Reggaeton started as a style of music only well-known in Latin America but has propagated in popularity and keeps growing as a favorite around the world.

Beginning in Puerto Rico and Panama and areas like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Venezuela, it propagated in popularity to the United States where the population consists of many Latino Americans like in New York City and Miami. The first artists who did this music styling were DJ Blass, Vico C. and El General.

Don Omar is one of the most varied reggaeton artists, and he sings all sorts of styles such as Bachata, salsa and of course reggaeton.

By: Reggaetonero

Article Directory:

For more information: Don Omar music and for all reggaeton visit this: Reggaeton music

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2013-04-03 10:30 am PDT

Oh yeah, I just got flagged, big time.

2013-04-03 10:32 am PDT

Just logged in...what a difference a few minutes makes!

I have six flags on my Giant account. I am suprised at a few of them...but then again, I should not be too surprised at anything on Squidoo at this point!

2013-04-03 10:34 am PDT

mommymommymommy said:

Just logged in...what a difference a few minutes makes!

I have six flags on my Giant account. I am suprised at a few of them...but then again, I should not be too surprised at anything on Squidoo at this point!

Some high ranking ones too. I beat ya, got 10 flagged.

I think I know what needs changed to correct them. Very surprised they flagged one. Really stunned. Oh well.

2013-04-03 10:38 am PDT

Sorry about that, GF. I am going to dlete one and add the content to another, since it fits in with the niche. The others were seasonal and I have to see if products are no longer available and add some content.

I am itching to fix them, but as I said, my house is wonderfully noisy with ten year olds!

2013-04-03 10:52 am PDT

mommymommymommy said:

Sorry about that, GF. I am going to dlete one and add the content to another, since it fits in with the niche. The others were seasonal and I have to see if products are no longer available and add some content.

I am itching to fix them, but as I said, my house is wonderfully noisy with ten year olds!

They really didn't hit any of my big earning lenses. Some high ranking ones, but they didn't earn much of anything.

Some of lower ranked ones I might just lose.

I think ones that are empty with Amazon in the description are going to get hit. Not positive, but my gut feeling.

One of them definitely is not low quality. Their idea of low quality is just weird.

2013-04-03 10:53 am PDT

I make money there but honestly the site is run by idiots. No one should have to constantly fix things to conform to some filter that's completely broken just to have lenses published. Why not just have SET RULES and tell us about them! It's like everytime the filters change one day lenses pass the next they don't. Feel that it's time to put everything here and forget that site.

I am fine with fixing things once but fix the filter so we know what is acceptable and what is not. Stop making lens creation one giant guessing game.

2013-04-03 11:03 am PDT

brlamc said:

I make money there but honestly the site is run by idiots. No one should have to constantly fix things to conform to some filter that's completely broken just to have lenses published. Why not just have SET RULES and tell us about them! It's like everytime the filters change one day lenses pass the next they don't. Feel that it's time to put everything here and forget that site.

I am fine with fixing things once but fix the filter so we know what is acceptable and what is not. Stop making lens creation one giant guessing game.

I don't know if you were a member of eHow, but doesn't it feel like they're run by the same morons?

It's comical. It's almost too funny for me to be that upset. The filter clearly doesn't work. I had duplicate content up on accident, and none of it gets tripped by the filter.

2013-04-03 11:19 am PDT

LOL, site is a joke. Well, I fixed one lense. All I did was change spotlight to Amazon. It's green, published.

I am going to make a list of these lenses because I think they'll be flagged again for empty description in Amazon box.

Here's an idea Squidoo, GET RID OF SPOTLIGHT MODULES if you don't want them. This site is just a waste of time for everyone right now.

2013-04-03 11:28 am PDT

Now we know where the old eHow employees found jobs .... just saying.

I spoke too soon this morning. I got two lenses flagged ... and that's after I have spent the last 10 days going through each lense to make it better. One is a lense that I have made sales from. The Kendra Lust other is a bomb, and I may try to fix it once and, if that doesn't work, I'll just let it go.

This is spring break and, since we live near Laguna Beach, we have two of our college age granddaughters and one of our adult daughters staying here for the week, so I may wait until they leave to try to fix them. (Yes, I have grandkids in college. I don't know how they got so old so fast!)

For now, I'm off to the beach with the granddaughters. I actually feel lucky that they like to have me tag along!

2013-04-03 11:38 am PDT

Deb, you got grand kids in college? That's awesome! Have fun with them Deb.

2013-04-03 11:41 am PDT

i got 18 out of 107 flagged this morning. two i've already republished (hopefully it will stick!) by easy changes--added the 'about me' module and used first person (I, we) in the intro module. my fingers are crossed that that will be enough. even if i get them out of yellow today there might be another filter run that will put them back into warning mode. sigh.

2013-04-03 11:42 am PDT

Just had one hit by the filter as well. And yep, as soon as I replaced the Spotlight module it published fine. Seriously, who do they even have the module if they don't want us to use it?

2013-04-03 11:54 am PDT

Got the kids outside and looked at one of my lenses. Swapped out the Amazon Spotlight for a text box, used the SAME picture and words and made it the second module. I added the "suggested" Amazon module and made it the third one.


@Deb-You look MUCH too young to have grandkids in college! ENjoy the beach!

2013-04-03 11:57 am PDT

I'd still watch them carefully briedbe. Weird thing is the original lense I wrote the was flagged passed, but the other one on a very similar topic was flagged this time.

Try to keep all the Amazon descriptions filled. I think that's the likely way to avoid being tripped up in the future.

It definitely makes no sense, because not all of my spotlight lenses have been flagged yet.

2013-04-03 12:03 pm PDT

I've had several lenses flagged over the last few days. A few were simply sales lenses, but they don't really make me much money.I have no idea what's wrong with the others. Several of the lenses received good traffic and ranked pretty well, they just weren't making many sales.I only make about $25-$35 per month on that site and it's simply not worth the headache. I'm going to remove all of my lenses, close my Squidoo account and use the content on my personal sites.

2013-04-03 12:27 pm PDT

I am finding them totally nuts over at Squidoo.. I had a lense get a warning and it doesn't even have a sales lens in it. It was a "how to" article. nice..

2013-04-03 12:32 pm PDT

the ones I thought would get flagged didn't and then ones that were informational articles did get a warning.. I can't figure these guys out, there is no support from admin, no real set rules about what we need to change, and when I lose confidence in a site i upstakes and leave.. not going to play their game.

2013-04-03 12:46 pm PDT

Squidoo at one point had porno lenses on their site. That was one of many reasons I hesitated joining them for so long. I knew just from that the staff over there is a joke to seriouslly allow that on their site, and doesn't really care about quality content and high standards at all.

If you want Sookie, you can post those lense here. I and other can probably tell you want you need to do to get them republished. If you still even care that is.

I know how to pass the filters, for now, but I also know its not going to stay the same. They're going to keep tinkering it, and stuff that will hit the filters that make no sense at all.

It's obvious they need a review process, but they're too lazy to do it.

2013-04-03 1:18 pm PDT

I actually had 350 lenses that got flagged. I have managed to get them all fixed. 90% of the time, all I had to do was delete ANY amazon spotlight and it republished with no issues.....

Buggy does not even begin to explain that filter.....want to know what else works? deleting ebay modules.....if you have 5, simply delete 2 or 3 and then your lens won't be seen as overly promotional....that is a heck of a lot easier than adding enough content to make the additional modules worth it!

2013-04-03 1:31 pm PDT

Just had four more flagged. I am still in shock that one of them was featured by Squidoo just a few weeks ago, and then flagged two weeks ago. To fix it, I added content to every locale in the Amazon modules, and it passed. NOW TODAY - it's flagged again. Silly.

How in the world are you supposed to fix anything if there's a moving target? They are going to frustrate their user base to no end.

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Effective parenting involves good character development- that is, raising kids who have a sense of other rather than a sense of entitlement. It also means raising kids with a moral compass that helps them work out right from wrong. Kids usually pick up this moral compass from their parents however parental influence is easily diluted by the huge array of messages from they hear from the media, music, peers and the Internet.

Kids today are exposed to too much adult-oriented content too early. In some ways todays children remind me of slum children in Victorian England, who saw too much but experienced very little. Todays kids are exposed to too much in terms of adult content and concepts that they may not understand and they dont have enough positive developmental experiences that involve all their senses(however this is a topic for another day).

The following three simple processes will provide the means for you help develop a moral compass in your children and ensure that you stay in the game as your kids move into adolescence.

1.Place televisions and Internet-connected computers in a public place in your asian free shemale webcams home. With the average Australian family owning more than two television sets increasingly televisions are in childrens bedrooms. This not only limits your supervision and monitoring options but removes the chance for the children to easily speak to you regarding content that they are not sure about. Ditto with Internet-connected computers. Search engine giant Yahoo! advises parents to place computers in public spaces in the family home so kids have easy access to parents while they are online.

2.Have regular meals together. Sounds deceptively simple but mealtimes are tremendous opportunities for parents and children to talk. Let your kids be heard but also be heard yourself. The free interchange of ideas and information that a vibrant meal-time provides is one of the best forms of adult/child/young person interaction there is. That is not to say every mealtime will be provide opportunities for brilliant conversations. However even if the conversation flows once in every three mealtimes that is a great hit rate- and better than non at all.

3.Read good literature to children. Good childrens books and novels generally have messages that revolve around a diverse array of positive values such as tolerance, persistence and courage. Just ten minutes a night spent reading to your children will help them develop a love of reading, but also expose them to ideas that are generally constructed with the relevant age group in mind. Kids are hard-wired to learn from story so expose your kids to good ideas through the written word.

The best interactions with kids happens when no one is working at it. However, in this noisy world parents need to be proactive and make sure they engineer situations where they can maximise their well-intentioned influence on the children they are raising. Lecturing and moralising doesnt work these days with kids, but influence certainly does.

Author's Bio:

Michael Grose, a popular parenting expert, shows you practical ways to raise happy, confident, well-behaved kids and resilient teenagers. Improve childrens confidence and behaviour now and get Michaels free ebook 25 ways to speak so children will listen at . While you are there subscribe to Happy Kids newsletter and get regular updates to build your 21st Century parenting manual.

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